At Coyle we are committed to the most rigorous safety standards and rules in the industry. All our employees, sub-contractors, teams and site managers are required to comply with the strictest safety regulations, maintaining a risk and injury free working environment on each and every project.

Coyle's outstanding safety record throughout the years reflects our belief that a healthy workplace is a key component of the company's success, reputation and growth.
Coyles Covid safety plan for all sites, ensures a full and strenous approach to ensuring all our sites are kept safe and Covid free.

At Coyle, preventing injuries and maximizing safety is not just another performance task, but a mindset. Initiating and managing a comprehensive range of periodic safety courses, we continuously train and educate our personnel, aiming to complete each and every project with zero accidents.

Coyle takes great pride in its safety achievements. We will continue to comply with all Federal, State and Local regulations pertaining to accident prevention, eliminating potential hazards and making every effort to prevent injuries.

The essential components of our safety programs:

  • Extensive safety training and programs
  • Weekly supervisory safety meetings
  • Restricted jobsite access / Covid protocols
  • Distinct signage throughout the site
  • Compliant chemical storage
  • Weekly toolbox talks
  • Daily job briefings / Covid plan review
  • Clear site entry and exit points
  • OSHA competent person for construction
  • Scaffolding cards - superintendent & labor
  • Strict security and safety protocols
  • Prevention of dropping objects
  • Fire watch
  • First aid kits and equipment on site
  • FDNY protocol presentations
  • HazardCommunication / asbestos awareness
  • EMR 8.7

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Floor 2, New York, NY
10036, United States

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