Coyle's design-build services are based on a streamlined collaboration between top engineers, architects and construction managers. By creating a coordinated single-point of planning and responsibility, we can define the initial preconstruction objectives and goals, reducing costs and maximizing efficiency.

The design-build interaction generates a harmonious and synchronized working plan, which is critical for the construction project. This essential phase drastically reduces conflicts and collisions along the way.

When working together as a team, the design and construction experts can take the time to evaluate alternative materials for the project, choose the best construction methods and come up with the most cost-efficient working plan.

Design-build is the fastest project delivery method. Overlapping the design and construction phases, the construction project can start before the design phase is totally completed, avoiding the time-wasting bidding periods and redesign. The significant time savings reduce labor costs and allow for earlier utilization of the completed facility.

Benefits of the Design-Build Approach:

  • Synchronized design and construction teamwork
  • Owner involvement at all stages
  • Single point of contact
  • Effective budget management
  • Cost savings / value engineering
  • Early detection of potential problems
  • Unified vision, less conflicts
  • Material choice control
  • Complete accountability
  • Efficient building operations
  • Open multi-channel communication
  • Eliminates adversarial conditions
  • Not restricted to building types
    Enhanced quality control
  • Decreased administrative burden
    Faster project completion

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