Being totally committed to environmentally responsible practices, Coyle offers LEED-Certified services for all types of new construction and renovation projects.

Maintaining the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, our LEED professionals specialize in building spaces that maximize energy efficiency and utilize environmentally friendly components.

LEED for Building Design and Construction (LEED BD+C) enables holistic green building, nailing down every sustainability feature. During the pre-construction phase, Coyle's experts offer our clients green design options and materials, managing all the required documentation for the LEED application submittal.

Coyles approach to LEED construction is simple, they set LEED - certification targets that correlate with GRI goals, which ensures every criteria is met on the way to LEED certification.  Our in-depth experience and know-how gained from applying the LEED standard, uniquely qualifies us to provide you construction services that meet the industry’s highest level of operational efficiencies and environmental performance.

The main benefits of LEED for construction projects:

  • Develop LEED working plan
  • Participate in Pre-Construction cost estimation & value engineering
  • Align subcontractors work scope packages with LEED credits
  • Verify LEED compliance with all purchases
  • Maintain Green strategies throughout construction
  • Documentation management
  • Implement Quality control LEED
  • Implement control processes
  • Construction & Demolition waste management
  • Mitigation of waste from landfills
    Commissioning activities and support
  • Verify all documentation close out meets LEED requirements
  • Final construction and demolition waste reporting
  • Submission of all LEED verified documentation

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